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Unlimited Potential

Want to get your mobile game or app to the biggest market out there? China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunications firm and mobile carrier, distributes games to the Mobile Market (MM) platform published exclusively by Pixopolis Interactive – and with Pixopolis, you too can access over a userbase of over 800 million MM customers.

Over 800 Million Users

China Mobile serves over 800 million total subscribers -- a userbase more than triple the size of Verizon Wireless and AT&T combined, and over twice the total number of United States wireless customers. With your games delivered to the Mobile Market with Pixopolis Interactive, you can access an untapped market unrivaled in size anywhere else on the globe.

China Mobile's MM platform reaches all 31 provinces, regions, and municipalities of mainland China, as well as Hong Kong.

Secure Transactions & Hassle-Free Monetization

The Mobile Market features an integrated payment system that uses the customer's own account credentials to complete settlements, requiring an astonishingly simple two touch gestures to execute. Unwieldy external services like PayPal are not a factor, and the security of international transactions is guaranteed!

Pixopolis Interactive provides its clients with the necessary resources to enact in-app and in-game purchases using this highly efficient system, facilitating not only monetization and revenue from users across national borders, but doing so without interrupting gameplay flow.

Expert Support

Assistance and advising on implementation, provided SDKs and other software, and market & product strategies is always freely available to our clients. Emails are answered within 24 hours of sending during the business week.

Our support staff are familiar not only with the Chinese market, but bring years of expertise and experience in the field to help your product be as successful as possible overseas!