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What is Pixopolis?

Pixopolis Interactive is a Los Angeles-based mobile publisher and liaison with China Mobile, the world's largest telecomms carrier, dedicated to bringing Western developers' games and apps to the biggest userbase in existence. Working with giants like Mattel Inc., we have unrivaled experience in facilitating the publication, localization, and distribution of our clients' apps in the Chinese market through the Mobile Market platform, and provide the technical support developers need to make publishing overseas a painless process.

Publishing with Pixopolis Interactive ensures access to a market of unrivaled size, giving your game or app the exposure it deserves.

Connecting Developers to 800 Million Users

When you choose to publish with Interworks, you choose exclusive channels, expert support, and hassle-free international transactions with the China Mobile payment system.

We provide the SDK to our clients as well as support for its implementation, so you can easily capitalize on in-app purchases without relying on credit cards, PayPal, or other unwieldy third parties -- everything is handled on China Mobile's side for you!

The Pixopolis Team

Kevin Sullivan

International Sales A friendly industry professional with loyal relationships spanning the globe, Kevin has a solid track record of bringing apps overseas, awarding the app and developers with the popularity and success that they deserve.

Patrick S.

Developer Relations A technical powerhouse of information for developer support, Patrick will be your app's guide through the technical jungle, delivering results in the world's largest customer base.